Saturday, October 25, 2014

Not Necessarily Blue

Do you dress up according to your mood? Do you wear your emotions on your sleeves? Are you nodding right there, right now? Then, you are most likely a "mood dresser."

Well, consciously or unconsciously, the color of the clothes i wear usually depends on my mood. When i wake up feeling happy, i tend to gravitate towards bright colours and accessorize. When at times, i get up feeling like im too lazy to do anything, i would most likely be seen wearing something dull. This is the moment when i feel like i dont actually want to be seen :)

We know that blue is the color of the sky and sea. Blue is often associated with depth and stability (ehem!). It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence (another ehem!), faith, truth and heaven. But what really is my emotional state when i wore these?
Can you tell? ♡ 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Something Borrowed

Dress in style without placing a dent on your budget. It's possible! It's called recycling, or more aptly, hand me down. I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. The clothes I am wearing on my post (particularly the top and shoes) aren't from my sister nor my mom's. I have been blessed by hand me downs from no less than my 10-year old son! Yup yup!

Whenever I go clothes shopping, I buy items that could go in transition from being his favorite to mine if I can. Choosing clothes which could go a long haul gives me more of my money's worth. Whenever possible, I buy shirts for him that are in color shade which will look good on both of us. The fit has never been a problem because Luis' big physique complements my current size which is leaning towards... you know LOL. His shoe size though becomes a problem at times. Although I can still walk in some of his shoes, I don't push it much especially when I look like a clown in them.

Checkered top by F21; Personalized slip-ons by Sei-Bellissima 

Stretch the value of your money. Extend the life of your children's clothes. Be stylish while you're on it.